Kid In A Big World Released on LP Again!

Great news is that You Are The Cosmos Record Label have recently released Kid In A Big World on L.P. The album was first released in 1975 but has been unavailable on vinyl for decades, except on rare records sites. In 2003, Kid was issued on CD by RPM Records, which is for the time being now deleted.

So, this new release on LP, featuring the original 1975 artwork and lyric insert, has created quite a stir in JH World!

Not only is You Are The Cosmos releasing Kid on LP, they have also compiled a new album, The Hidden Beauty, featuring many of John’s 1970s recordings, rarities, outtakes, demos and long-deleted singles.

The LPs are available from Amazon, all good record shops, and from You Are The Cosmos direct.

For more information on these releases, go to 

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