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LOOK – The Unknown Story of Danielle Du Bois, released by Kool Kat Musik.

John’s new album, LOOK – The Unknown Story of Danielle Du Bois, is released by Kool Kat Musik on 11th March. 

The concept album about fictional character Danielle Du Bois was inspired by and is dedicated to April Ashley who became an icon amongst the LGBTQ+ community. April transitioned in 1961, becoming a famous model before being ‘outed’ in 1965, which halted her career. However, she went on to establish herself as a pioneering and celebrated figure, winning several awards and accolades until her death in late 2021.

April was a great friend of John’s. He performed regularly in her Knightsbridge restaurant AD8 in the mid-‘70s and they stayed in touch by phone and email over the years.

While Danielle is not based on April, her character was certainly inspired by April. Sadly, April died before she could hear the new album.

There are twelve brand new tracks on the album, telling Danielle’s story-through-song, all written, arranged, produced and performed entirely by John.

LOOK – The Unknown Story of Danielle Du Bois will be distributed by Amplified/Alliance across the world, covering many music retail outlets, except for the UK where the album will be distributed by Proper, in stores such as HMV, ASDA and Rough Trade. If the store doesn’t have the album in stock, you can order it. The catalogue number is PURR2206, except in the UK where the catalogue number for ordering is CKLMK22062.

Although the official release date is March 11th, the album will be available to order from music retailers from 21st January. It will be available to stream and download from March 11th. 


Released on May 14th 2021 by Kool Kat Musik, ‘Collected – The Best of John Howard’. A 2CD set comprising 38 tracks covering the fifty years of John’s songwriting and recording career, this is the first ever commercially-released Best Of by John. Check out ‘Discography – Compilations’ page for more details. 

If you’d like to order ‘Collected’ from America or the UK please visit the Kool Kat shop:  https://shop.koolkatmusik.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=760f40e28cd383accd52e23c5349d411&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=John_Howard_1

If you live in Spain and Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc, you can order ‘Collected’ from John’s Shop, where the price of the 2CD set is given, excluding postage and packing. We will give you the full price plus p’n’p on request.  


The sequel to John’s first book, Incidents Crowded With Life, which was published in March 2018 by Fisher King Publishing, is to be published in August 2020, once again by Fisher King.

Illusions of Happiness takes John’s story on from where Incidents left off, that is immediately following his accident in 1976 when he broke his back. It follows John’s recovery and recuperation, his eventual return to recording and performing, when he worked with producers Trevor Horn and Steve Levine and was briefly managed by pop impresario Tom Watkins, until he eventually moved to ‘the other side of the music business desk’, beginning a new career in A & R.

The books ends in the Summer of 1986, at the point when, in just a few weeks, he changes jobs, moves house and splits from his partner of eight years. His life, once again, full of uncertainty and possible new directions. 

Book Three is now in preparation! 


In August, John’s new album, ‘To The Left of The Moon’s Reflection’ is released. The album, featuring ten new songs written and recorded by John in his studio at his home in Southern Spain, will be available across all digital platforms from 7th August. It will be released on CD in America by Kool Kat Musik on 21st August. If you live in the UK or Europe, we have a limited edition CD available directly from the Shop. The link to buy the Album in America from Kool Kat Musik is: http://www.koolkatmusik.com