Welcome to the official website of John Howard. This is where you can find info on John’s recordings, past, present and future, read about John’s career to date and his forthcoming plans, and email John if you have any questions, observations or comments about his work.


You can also now buy some of John’s albums exclusively via this website. Go to John’s Shop for the list of CDs available. There you’ll also find a simple-to-use form to fill in with information about how to buy the CDs you want, which when you’ve filled in all the required details you can then email to John direct with your order. You can either use PayPal or cheque. For album details, browse the discography where you will find links to how to buy the CDs and also an iTunes link to each album.


STOP PRESS! My autobiography, ‘Incidents Crowded With Life’ will be published by Fisher King Publishing. The first three chapters of the book are available to read online here – if you go to the Autobiography link at the top of the home page, you can find the links to each of the first three chapters. As soon as I have a publishing date for the book, I will let you know!


In November 2016, my new album, ‘Across The Door Sill’ was released by Occultation Recordings on LP, CD and download. If you go to the ‘News’ section of the website you’ll find links and news about the album. I am currently (Spring 2017) writing new songs for the next album, which will also be released by Occultation Recordings, probably sometime in early 2018.