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The sequel to John’s first book, Incidents Crowded With Life, which was published in March 2018 by Fisher King Publishing, is to be published in August 2020, once again by Fisher King.

Illusions of Happiness takes John’s story on from where Incidents left off, that is immediately following his accident in 1976 when he broke his back. It follows John’s recovery and recuperation, his eventual return to recording and performing, when he worked with producers Trevor Horn and Steve Levine and was briefly managed by pop impresario Tom Watkins, until he eventually moved to ‘the other side of the music business desk’, beginning a new career in A & R.

The books ends in the Summer of 1986, at the point when, in just a few weeks, he changes jobs, moves house and splits from his partner of eight years. His life, once again, full of uncertainty and possible new directions. 

Book Three is now in preparation! 


In August, John’s new album, ‘To The Left of The Moon’s Reflection’ is released. The album, featuring ten new songs written and recorded by John in his studio at his home in Southern Spain, will be available across all digital platforms from 7th August. It will be released on CD in America by Kool Kat Musik on 21st August. If you live in the UK or Europe, we have a limited edition CD available directly from the Shop. The link to buy the Album in America from Kool Kat Musik is: http://www.koolkatmusik.com